Georges Terms: A Zombie Novel Catt Dahman

ISBN: 9780987602329

Published: March 19th 2013


236 pages


Georges Terms: A Zombie Novel  by  Catt Dahman

Georges Terms: A Zombie Novel by Catt Dahman
March 19th 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 236 pages | ISBN: 9780987602329 | 9.49 Mb

In Northeast Texas, the epic adventure of a group of survivors begins as they take refuge in a hospital, waiting to see if the world-wide Red Infection can be stopped before all humanity is wiped out. As victims awaken from a coma, they now have the basic need to attack loved ones, to spread the infection, and to feed on warm flesh. Only rage remains. In days, the dead outnumber the living, and the US turns to the ultimate weapons to stop the infection. In a world filled with zombies, survivors find that the living can be far more inhumane and cruel than anything they have ever imagined, as raiders scavenge for supplies and lawlessness and hatred are the norm.

Both outlaws and zombies crave meat. In this time of hopelessness and horror, a bullet to the brain may be the kindest action. George, an older, retired police officer, sets his own terms: fight and survive or go the way you want, but dont let the zombies win. He explains that everyone is responsible for his own fate, and if that means going out on unpopular terms, then so be it. Len, a retired Marine- a quiet cowboy, Kim- a hot-tempered Hispanic woman, Julia- and a compassionate young woman, Beth all begin their terrorizing journey, not only to survive, but also to establish a new society, find love and joy in a barren, bloody landscape, and to face gathering enemies.

The first of the compelling series, Georges Terms, introduces a memorable cast of characters and a terrifying vision of a world, burned to rubble and filled with flesh-eating adversaries. As each person faces inner fears and new roles, he finds law and morality must be redefined. Zombies are used as the vehicle, but the story is all about what humans will do to survive when the odds are stacked against them- luckily, for the survivors, George has given them the terms that may keep humans from becoming extinct.

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